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Universal Health Chain

Universal Health Chain®

Innovative eHealth platform


1st patented Health Universal Identifier

We use our patented Universal Donor Identifier and our proprietary patent pending technology Health Universal Identifier of user, patient and donor.

Universal and unified medical history

Allows portability of medical data in a secure way in compliance with the new European data protection law.
The user owns their data and controls the access permissions to the centers that have been approved by the user.

Datos para emergencias

The user can approve sharing certain medical data to be accessed in case of emergencies: blood group, allergies, medications and contacts for emergencies (family, friends ...).

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Data encryption

Each user has a private key with which their data is encrypted in the application.

Medical data sync

Each user will be able to synchronize their health data from the different medical centres that become associated with Universal Health Chain®.


The user can revoke access permissions to any medical centre at any time. Only the user can control their data; no one else can access or decrypt the data without user's permission.

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